EXERCISES: Root System Domestication.

28. July 2021 | Material | via Dianascherer.nl


Interwoven - Soil Seed Photography (Credit: Dianascherer.nl)

Visual artist Diana Scherer explores the world of roots from grass and plants. Her work encompasses photography, material research, plant root-weaving and sculpting. For the past few years her fascination has been focused on the dynamics of underground plant parts. She guides the roots of plants to grow in pattern-like structures, creating some kind of filigree root-textile.

“A root navigates, knows what’s up and down, observes gravity and localizes moisture and chemicals. Darwin discovered that plants are a lot more intelligent than everybody thought. I also want to explore it and apply the ‘intelligence’ of plants in my work.” Diana Scherer states on her Website.

The future of fashion: Diana Scherer