EVOVINYL: Introducing The World’s First PVC-Free Vinyl Record.

14. September 2023 | Material | via evolution-music.co.uk


Bio-vinyl record “Evivonyl” created by Evolution Music (Credit: Evolution-music.co.uk)

British eco-music company Evolution Music Ltd has successfully introduced “Evovinyl”, the world’s first completely non-toxic and compostable bio-vinyl record. The production process for these bioplastic LPs closely mirrors that of traditional PVC LPs, with the key difference being the use of eco-friendly raw materials and sustainable packaging. To ensure compatibility with various pressing machines, Evolution Music Ltd collaborated with multiple pressing plants for trials, ensuring that the solution can be seamlessly integrated into the existing vinyl production landscape. This initiative reflects a commitment to both environmental sustainability and high-quality music production. “Apart from the essential job of flushing out the pressing machines to avoid PVC-Evovinyl cross-contamination, we’re essentially creating a near zero waste and 100% industrially compostable non-toxic product. This is inline with our aim to provide products and manufacturing options that deliver solutions to multiple problems.” Evolution Music states on their website.

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