ECOFUNCO: Compostable Bio-Coatings Derived From Food By-Products.

12. July 2023 | Material | via


Turning agro-food biomass into optimised coating materials (Credit: Michal Jarmoluk / Pixabay)

ECOFUNCO is a European research project dedicated to develop sustainable multi functional biobased coatings with enhanced performance and sustainable end-of-life options. Derived from agricultural by-products, these bio-coatings are meant to be applied on food packaging trays as well as cellulose-based tableware. Other products to be developed include packaging papers and paperboards (for fresh products such as cooked pasta, or as paper plates/cutlery), plastic packaging (bio-polyester), active packaging, cutin-based formulations for water-repellent coatings (paper cups, service paper, etc.), water vapor barrier coatings, and non-food packaging with special protective properties.

Transforming food by-products into compostable packaging – Results from the ECOFUNCO project