ECO-MATE: Plant Based Washing Up Liquids And Packaging.

13. February 2023 | Material | via


100% plant based washing up liquids and packaging. (Credit: Eco-Mate)

Eco-Mate is a British start-up company that produces cleaning products from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Both the packaging and the cleaning liquids are 100% plant based. While the cleaning liquid is made with natural essential oils and is completely free of chemicals, the body of the bottle is made from pulp waste generated from sugar cane production. In addition, Eco-Mate has developed a 100% plant-based barrier coating made from plant sap latex and bio-materials that protects the inside of the bottle. The coating is programmed to begin dissolving after about 6 months. Both the bottle and the natural inner coating decompose during natural or industrial composting.

WEB VIDEO 480 - Eco-Mate