ECO-FLOW: World’s First Fully Biodegradable Covid Test Kit.

24. May 2022 | Material | via


Eco-Flow - by Morrama (Credit:

Morrama is a London-based industrial design and innovation consultancy, eager to create a test kit that doesn’t contribute to the amount of plastic ending up in our landfills. With Eco-Flow they designed a non-invasive test for COVID-19, designed to incorporate Morrama’s approach to sustainability and user experience, with a particular focus on accessibility. “The test kit has been simplified down to four parts (Test kit, Test strip, absorbent pad and a sachet). By removing the need for the plastic outer housing of the test, the swab, the buffer capsule and the mixing tube, they’ve cut out multiple pieces of single-use plastic. Consideration for materials has been driven by end-of-life. The test is meant to be produced from FSC certified recyclable cellulose pulp and packaged in a sealed biodegradable Nature Flex film sachet. This results in a test kit that can break down within 4-6 weeks in landfill.”

Covid test kit made from cellulose pulp. (Credit: