DESIGN: A sustainable chair in all aspects.

19. August 2020 | Material, Waste | via


Broom - A sustainable chair in all aspects. (Credit:

Broom is the ingenious result of a design collaboration between Philippe Starck and Emeco that both avoids and eliminates waste, states Ruchi Thukral in his article on It is made from a compound of industrial waste from lumber factories and industrial plastic plants – 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood that usually ends up in the trash. It checks all the boxes for sustainable furniture with its three-fold environmental impact – less energy, less waste, and less carbon. “With the Broom chair, it is about less and more. We chose less – less “style”, less “design”, less material, less waste, less energy. And so, the Broom chair became so much more” says Starck when talking about the design process to make a chair that does more than being a surface to sit on.

Broom by Philippe Starck