CRUZ FOAM: Chitin-Based Eco-Foam.

21. April 2022 | Material | via

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Chitin-Based Eco-Foam by Cruz Foam. (Credit:

California-based  sustainable packaging manufacturer Cruz Foam produces bio-benign foam and eco-friendly EPS-alternative solutions that power key industry leaders to be the catalyst for a cleaner environment. Cruz Foam is made from Chitin, a biopolymer that is derived from shrimp shells and happens to be the second most abundant occurrence on the planet after cellulose, as they state in their video. Cruz Foam is taking chitin on a raw industrial grade and turning it into a polymeric fluid via a water-based proprietary process and later on transforming it into a foam-like material that matches the properties of polystyrene or other plastic foams. However, without the end of life issues, as the foam is said to biodegrade in regular soil in about three to six months. The properties of Cruz Foam, such as the flexibility, the impact strength, the aesthetics and the feel of it, can be tuned by different formulations.