COMPOSTABLES: Plastic Packaging Made From Seaweed.

18. March 2022 | Plastics, Material | via


Compostable plastic packaging material made from seaweed. (Credit:

London-based sustainable-packaging company FlexSea created a sustainable seaweed-derived biomaterial that is meant to replace petroleum-based plastic film packaging and degrades in marine, soil and home-composting environments. FlexSea’s innovativ seaweed-derived bioplastic doesn’t create any waste in the production stream. It is a highly transparent material that is heat-sealable, flexible and decomposes in just 8-12 weeks. “At FlexSea we believe the packaging of the future is a packaging that is born from nature, serves its purpose, and returns to nature in a harmless manner.”

Carlo Fedeli, FlexSea - Founder Interviews