CIRCUTERIA: Online Platform For Biomaterial.

04. March 2022 | Plastics, Material | via


Circuteria, an online biomaterial finder. (Credit:

Berlin-based sustainable online platform Circuteria connects all stakeholders of a circular economy to reuse, recycle and compost products made from renewable biomass. Circuteria envisions a society that is regenerative by design, using natural materials at their highest value that enable a truly circular economy. “Circuteria uses smart match-making and simulation methods to provide buyers and sellers of bio-alternatives with the right information they need. For example, manufacturers can easily find the best bioplastic material from a supplier to replace their currently used fossil-based plastic, using their BioMaterial Finder. For each finding, Circuteria then also takes important life cycle parameters of a material into account, including CO2 emissions and the relative amount of recyclables. In principle, this method is applicable to many other interactions along a circular bioeconomy, for example, to convey biomass between farmers and suppliers. In the BioMaterial Finder prototype, manufacturers but also consumers can type in their currently used plastic ID and obtain information about the best bioplastics alternative offered by a supplier.”

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