CIRCULAR: Sustainable Luxury Luggage.

25. January 2022 | Material | via


Sustainable Luxury Luggage by Horizn Studios. (Credit: Horizn Studios)

Horizn Studios is a Berlin based design studio that designs, develops and sells next generation luggage and travel essentials. With Circle One they created a 100% plant-based and biodegradable cabin luggage. BioX, the patented Circle One hard shell is made from 100% renewable materials. BioX features a multiaxial and multi-density flax-fibre weave. According to their website, flax is Europe’s strongest and most productive renewable fibre – suspended in resin, its tensile strength is three times higher than that of aluminium. Complete with recycled lining and zippers, the luggage also boasts seed and nutshell-infused handles and a magnesium telescope. “BioX is designed to never see a landfill, so we will fix it in a way that leaves it stronger than before, turning repaired spots into travel tokens.”

Introducing: Circle One, the world’s most sustainable luxury luggage | Horizn Studios