CIRCULAR MATERIAL: Eggshell Ceramics.

08. March 2022 | Waste, Material | via


Eggshell Ceramics by Atelier LVDW. (Credit: Atelier LVDW)

Dutch designer Laura van de Wijdeven of Atelier LVDW created biodegradable single-use plates made from a ceramic-like material which is derived from eggshells. Her decorative Eggshell Ceramic bowl e.g. is made out of 40 discarded eggshells and biochar pigment. Biochar is made from fruit and vegetable waste. Eggshell Ceramic, which was also developed by Atelier LVDW, has the look of ceramics but the weight of cardboard, which makes it a versatile material. The circular material can easily be recycled into calcium water, which can be used as a nutrient for lime-loving plants. “We use biochar eco pigment from OurCarbon to provide a collection of grey colour tones. The plates are coated with an algae based material which will be released during the recycling process. The recycling process is very easy and can be done by anyone.” Eggshell Ceramic received a Gold Award in the BeyondPlastic competition 2021.

EggShell Ceramic - Atelier LVDW