CIRCULAR ECONOMY: The World's First Compostable Marker.

12. December 2020 | Material, Waste, Plastics | via Scribit Design

202011 Scribit PEN CRA 2

The world's first compostable marker. (Credit:

Turin based international design and innovation company CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has just unveiled Scribit Pen, the world's first fully compostable marker. The Scribit Pen aims to address the issue of plastic pollution produced by the global marker industry. Approximately 35 billion plastic markers end up in landfills annually, an amount that could cover the island of Manhattan more than 11 times. 

The Scribit Pen is eco-friendly in all its components. From the barrel composed of biodegradable plastic, to the nibs and cartridges made of natural fibers, to the non-toxic ink. The Scribit Pen uses water-based (even edible) Super Washable Ink and the natural fiber cartridge and nib are replaceable, so the same pen can be used for an infinite period of time.