CHINA: Environmentally-friendly exercise trend from Sweden comes to asia.

02. November 2018 | Social | via Global Times

Not familiar with this word? “That's understandable,” says Luo Yunzhou in her article on Global Times, “as it is actually a combination of jogging and the Swedish word for pick up, plocka upp.” Originated from Sweden, plogging all started with a man named Erik Ahlstrom, who was born and raised in a small town in the north of Sweden. Used to the clean and beautiful environment of his hometown, Ahlstrom was assuming that all cities in the country were as nice. However, when he moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, he was surprised to find that the streets of the so called "Venice of the North" were covered with a variety of trash. While he was out for a jog one day, Ahlstrom was suddenly overtaken with the desire to do something about the environment, therefore the next day, he went out on a jog wearing a pair of plastic gloves and carrying a huge garbage bag so he could pick up any trash that he saw along his way.

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