BACK TO NATURE: The Bamboo Washing Machine.

07. January 2023 | Material | via


The all natural Bamboo Washing Machine (Credit: Dalian Minzu University, School of Design, China)

Design students at Dalian Minzu University in China have developed an all natural washing machine that runs on river current instead of electricity. The 100% sustainable and biodegradable Bamboo Washing Machine is entirely made from bamboo and wood and doesn't require any manpower to run it. “The Bamboo Washing Machine is a simpler version of a traditional vortex or top-loading washing machine. It uses the natural water flow and pressure from rivers and streams to convert tidal energy into mechanical energy. As water enters the bottom of the washing machine, the main drum rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise depending on the water pressure, resulting in an eddy that cleans clothes efficiently and effectively.”

For the washing process the machine converts river current energy into mechanical energy. (Credit: Dalian Minzu University, School of Design, China)

“There are two main components: the main washing machine, which can be shared amongst the community, and a wooden bucket that belongs to individuals or families. Both parts can be easily assembled and everything is provided in the box. Its design can also adapt according to the different materials and water flow in different regions. The entire product is biodegradable and its efficient packaging saves space and costs during transport.”