AUSTRALIA: Institute of packaging introduces sustainable packaging design course.

29. April 2019 | Social | via

The course will help attendees to design and develop sustainable packaging. (Credit: William Iven from Pixabay)

According to an article on the course is designed to assist anyone who is responsible for making packaging changes in their business to meet ‘war on waste’ questions, changes to retailer and consumer trends and behaviours, while not spending any more money.

The course will provide attendees a better understanding of the practical guidelines and criteria needed to design and develop sustainable packaging.

This includes the sustainability hierarchy of reduce, reuse then recycle, and the circular economy approach to packaging and the environment.

Discussions will also cover plastic, glass and metal packaging and their impact on the environment. It will also cover whether the use of non-renewable resources, plant-based bioplastics, compostable and recycled materials and various tools can assist businesses to understand the full life of packaging. Participants will be invited to bring with them a sample of their company’s packaging materials to use as a case study.

As part of the course, attendees will visit a material recovery facility to expose participants to the realities of a working these facilities, their equipment, limitation and material handling issues.

The visit to the material recovery facility will take place on the 17th October in Melbourne.

The participants will get an understanding of what is and is not separated out for possible recycling, and why. This is followed by understanding the next stage of the recycling process after the material recovery facility. The course aims to provide participants an understanding of the current environmental issues that are impacting the producers of packaging and the manufacturers and retailers of packaged product.

It will provide participants an understanding of sustainable packaging design and the practical design guidelines and approaches required in the packaging design process including end of life thinking. It will also provide participants with a better view of best practice examples and case studies of award-winning sustainable packaging and save food packaging innovations.

People who are responsible for a business’s packaging design, performance or purchase specification, are encouraged to attend.

This includes packaging designers, technologists and engineers, anyone responsible for environmental strategy development, marketing and sales, and graphic designers.

Presenters include AIP education coordinator Ralph Moyle.

Moyle is an experienced food-packaging consultant, with 40 years in the food processing industry and 20 years focus on packaging.