AGRICULTURE: Soil Is A Living Organism.

06. September 2022 | via


Soil should be seen as a living organism. (Credit:

Netherlands-based sustainable agriculture and horticulture family company Plant Health Cure BV (PHC) is specialized in land reclamation, restoring agricultural soils and helping farmers in making their farm futureproof. PHC is a pioneer company, with a scientifically based conviction about what agriculture and horticulture could look like without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. “It is a well-known fact that the use of artificial fertiliser automatically leads to the use of pesticides.” they claim on their website. “The best crop protection comes from its own plant resistance, which is why a healthy soil biology is essential for healthy crops.” Their mission is to work on the restoration of soil biology in agriculture and horticulture based on knowledge and practical experience. PHC stimulates restorative agriculture by creating awareness through transfer of know-how and education in the field of soil biology. Furthermore PHC produces and sells the mycorrhizal fungi and bacterial mixes to enable the soil biology to get in balance again plus they help farmers to become the best CO2 capturers in the world. Their 12-minute movie shows everything about how plants grow underground, and how mycorrhizas, bacteria and soil life form an inseparable system. Soil should be seen as a living organism.

PHC Film: Soil is a living organism