A PLASTIC PLANET: “Let's Turn Off The Plastic Tap!”

29. July 2022 | Plastics, Material, Waste | via aplasticplanet.com


“Good quality, healthy soils are essential to our survival as a species.” (Credit: A Plastic Planet)

London-based environmental service “A Plastic Planet” was founded with one singular goal: to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap. A Plastic Planet considers themselves pro-business, pro-solution, working with industry, policy makers, UN, media, materials makers, creatives and innovators to accelerate impact on the plastic crisis. A Plastic Planet mainly focuses on packaging and single-use plastic. “Recent history has proven that recycling this kind of plastic is not the answer. It has little value, is mostly down-cycled, too difficult to reclaim and often contaminated.” There are of course many kinds of plastic “and they are all surrounded by a huge amount of misinformation, greenwashing and nuance. We want to increase the use of materials that Nature can handle and eliminate the use of those Nature can’t.”, they state on their website.

In their Compostable Conundrum, A Plastic Planet explores the question of when it actually makes sense to use compostable materials and when it makes sense to use another material. “Ultimately this document focuses on one issue of concern - the health of our soils. It starts with soil. It ends with soil. Good quality, healthy soils are essential to our survival as a species.”