UPCYCLING: ‘Zero Waste Lab’ turns household plastic waste into 3D printed street furniture.

18. January 2019 | Plastics, Material, Waste | via Designboom.com

3D-print robotic arm at ‘Zero Waste Lab’. (Credit: Stefanos Tsakiris)

Besides transforming waste into furniture, citizens can learn more about the recycling process of plastic, read about the circular economy, and design new items of furniture for their neighborhoods, according to an article on Designboom.com.

Interested individuals can learn more on the initiative’s website, print your city, where they can also generate custom designs for the street furniture, choose the preferred location they would like to see them placed, as well as select between several extra functions that promote a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle. These functions can be integrated into the furniture, and include: a bike rack, a mini gym, a tree pot, a dog feeding bowl, or a bookcase, while the geometries of the objects are based on ergonomic curvatures that accommodate a relaxed body posture. Each piece is finished with a metal tag that indicates the kilos of plastic used to create it.

The New Raw - Print Your City: Robotic 3D printing with recycled plastics.