UPCYCLING: Marbled tiles from post-consumer plastic waste.

31. December 2019 | Material, Plastics, Waste | via Dezeen.com


Marbled tiles made from plastic waste. Credit: Dezeen.com)

Metamorphic rocks such as marble develop their flowing, irregular patterns through heat and pressure according to an article on Dezeen.com. Akiev's Plastic Stone Tiles are subjected to similar conditions to achieve the same effect.

"First, I collect household plastic waste ​from trash-sorting facilities," Akiev told Dezeen. "Then I sort it by colour and type of plastic before washing and drying it. Finally, I melt it in an oven so that I am able to press it into a form, cut it and sand it."

This process lends itself to the creation of a vast range of different coloured tiles, featuring as many shades as can be found in the packaging itself.