INNOVATION: World's First 100% Bio-Based Thermosetting Resin.

15. December 2021 | Material | via


Hemp Fine Chair by PLANTICS and VEPA (Credit:

Netherlands based biomaterial company Plantics B.V. develops eco materials based on a revolutionary invention by the University of Amsterdam which resulted in a unique new type of thermoset bio-resins. These resins are produced out of waste material from plants and are the first 100% bio-based thermosetting resins in the world, they state on their website. Plantics also develops circular composites, foams and coatings for various applications and products. After teaming up with furniture factory VEPA, they have just won the Innovation award “Renewable material of the Year 2021” at the Renewable Materials Conference 2021 with their Stool Collection “Hemp Fine”. Plantics is said to be recognized as one of the most promising biomaterial companies.