INNOVATION: Dutch designers convert algae into bioplastic for 3D printing.

29. October 2018 | via

Image by Florent Gardin

According to an article from Ali Morris on the Dutch designers believe that the algae polymer could be used to make everything from shampoo bottles to tableware or rubbish bins, eventually entirely replacing plastics made from fossil fuels like oil.

They are among a host of designers using algae to create products that are more environmentally friendly than their synthetic counterparts, from fabric dyes and water bottles to chairs and even entire building facades.

As well as algae, Klarenbeek and Dros have created biopolymers from other organic raw materials such as mycelium, potato starch and cocoa bean shells, which they use to 3D print objects.

The studio's ultimate goal is to establish a local network of biopolymer 3D printers, called the 3D Bakery.