GREEN COMPOSTABLES: Bamboo Powder Tableware.

23. January 2023 | Material | via


Straws made from bamboo powder material (Credit:

Green Compostables is an organization that uses high-end technology to convert bamboo stalks into bamboo powder, bamboo flakes and granules to create compostable cutlery, tableware, utensils and other packaging materials. Their biodegradable bamboo powder is easily recyclable and 100% compostable, even in home-based compost systems. Additionally, the production process does not generate any wastewater, heavy metals or toxic gasses. A key component are biodegradable resins, which they chose carefully to meet the ecological and industry standards as well as provide the best quality in terms of heat-resistance, strength, and durability. Green Compostables provides full range service for made to order bamboo based  tableware. Molds are specifically created based on individual contract requirements. Other services include injection molding of biodegradable plastic resins, prototyping, blow molding, cosmetic effects, sandblasting, etc. ”Our biodegradable resins are injection molded, in a similar fashion as with traditional plastics. However, the process is carried out at a lower temperature for the purpose of energy savings.” they state on their website.

Compostable tableware by Green Compostables (Credit: