BIO-TECH: Pottery Without Kiln Firing.

27. October 2021 | Material | via

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BacTerra by Nicole Chrysikou (Credit: Nicole Chrysikou)

BacTerra is a project by Greek designer Nicole Chrysikou, proposing the use of the biomineralization process to create alternative ceramics that do not require kiln firing, are biologically solidified and glazed by non pathogenic, soil born bacteria. Nicole aims to collaborate with nature rather than just get inspired by it. After identifying the harmful aspect of carbon-heavy and energy-consuming kiln firings she started exploring alternatives to the current production of ceramics because she wanted pottery to be part of a more sustainable future. By providing a making process where ceramic waste and living organisms are the main ingredients, Nicole is trying to start a conversation about the promising possibilities of biotechnology within pottery and traditional crafts.

BacTerra (Nicole Chrysikou and Maël Hénaff)