THERMOLYSIS: Recycling Plastic Into High-Quality Paraffin Oil.

20. July 2022 | Plastics, Waste, Material | via


High-quality paraffin oil derived from plastic waste via the thermolysis process (Credit:

Appenzell-based environmental service company ENESPA AG will commission one of the first facilities to process mixed plastic waste into high-quality paraffin oil using the thermolysis process. That means pre-sorted plastic is converted into high-quality paraffin oil in a self-contained system. From 1,000 kg of plastic, 1,000 lt. of paraffin oil are produced (approx. 890 kg). Thus, the circular economy for mixed plastic waste has become a reality. This means that we turn plastic waste into a raw material that is reused for plastic production.

According to their website thermolysis processes were already used by people in the Mesolithic Period when they produced tar. Today, thermolysis systems are used on an industrial scale, mainly in car tyre recycling and for the production of liquid smoke. With the newly developed thermolysis process, it has become possible to recycle various composite plastics (e.g. PE, PP, PB, PS, EPS) into high-quality paraffin oil in a CO2-neutral way. Read more…

Testanlage ENESPA Wastx P1000 wird erklärt (German Language)